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Unnamed Publisher would like to thank the following reviewers whose comprehensive feedback and suggestions for improving the material helped make this a better text:

  • Henry F. Algera, Seattle Pacific University
  • Lenore Arlee, University of Oklahoma, Norman Campus
  • Katie Cerrone Arnold, The University of Akron, Summit College
  • Steven R. Boyd, University of Texas at San Antonio
  • Mark Brennaman, University of Central Oklahoma
  • Kathryn Burk, Jackson Community College
  • Christi Duque, Tarrant County College
  • Debby Espinor, George Fox University
  • Lameteria D. Hall, The Community College of Baltimore County
  • Sheryl Hartman, Miami Dade College
  • Ann Iseda, Jackson Community College Extension Centers
  • Dan Issler, University of Pennsylvania
  • Timothy J. Jones, University of Oklahoma
  • Lucas Keefer, University of Kansas
  • Sharon Kousaleos, Ohio University
  • Carla Kulinsky, Salt Lake Community College
  • Patricia McGee, University of Texas at San Antonio
  • Ted Miller, Jackson Community College
  • Penny Pasque, University of Oklahoma
  • Said Sewell, The Fort Valley State University
  • Melissa Thomas, University of Texas at San Antonio
  • John Timmons, Winthrop University
  • Patrick Raphael Toney, Bowie State University