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I would like to thank and acknowledge Melissa Yu, project manager, for her constant encouragement, communication, and dedication to this project. Melissa is one of the best in the business, and I feel lucky to have worked with her on both Unnamed Publisher projects. She is what made me come back for more!

Also, thank you to Michael Boezi, whose enthusiasm for the Unnamed Publisher model is an inspiration to all, leading to a world full of free textbooks for students.

I would also like to acknowledge the behind-the-scenes people who worked on the technical aspects of this book. Those individuals are a key aspect to the success of the Unnamed Publisher model!

Thank you to the reviewers who took time to look at content and make suggestions. Their suggestions were imperative in the creation and improvement of this book:

Mary Rucker, Wright State University

Greg Watson, Arizona College

Laura Riolli, California State University Sacramento

Greg Richards, Spokane Community College